718 Apitong Street, Midtown Executive Homes, United Nations Avenue, Paco, Manila

NJWC Contact Number(s):

+632 525-4233


  1. Glenn flores says:

    Gud am. May i know your exact location or address in baltao?

  2. Glenn flores says:

    Edwin(deng) Garcia i need you in manuguit tondo

  3. Merjorien Bon says:

    hi.. good afternoon. can I disturb you for a moment. I’m looking for my father. sorry but I don’t have his contact number. my information about him is his working in NJ WORLD CORPORATION as a taxi driver. I’ve been looking for him here in La Huerta, Paranaque because I heard that he is staying in this place. His name is Restituto G. Bon. I’m his daughter Merjorie Bon. Please try to inform him, I have nowhere to go. I’ve been here since yesterday. If you have his contact number please message me at my email account merjorietintinbon@yahoo.com or at my facebook account Merj Bon. Thank You.

    Ps. This is an emergency for me. So, I hope you can help me. Thank you again.

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